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The Art of Forgiveness & Gratitude

CLICK HERE to read about how to help your children learn more about Forgiveness & Gratitude for Metro Parent!


How to Talk about Thanksgiving with Children

There are many traditional elements to our American Thanksgiving that may be more fictional than accurate representation. Here is an article that can help you share some aspects of our holiday and begin important conversations about acceptance and tolerance.


Building Confident Females!

Studies have consistently shown that many girls and young women struggle with feelings of low self-confidence. This unfortunate trend seems to persist across various aspects of life, including academics, body image, and career aspirations.

In the realm of academics, girls often exhibit lower levels of confidence compared to their male counterparts. They may doubt their abilities and hesitate to take on challenging subjects or leadership roles. This lack of confidence can impact their performance and limit their academic achievements.

Body image is another area where girls often feel inadequate. Unrealistic media portrayals of beauty standards, combined with societal pressures, can lead to body dissatisfaction and a decrease in self-confidence. This can have long-lasting effects on mental and emotional well-being.

Furthermore, many girls struggle with confidence when it comes to career aspirations. They may underestimate their skills and downplay their ambitions, leading to a smaller presence in traditionally male-dominated fields. This self-doubt can hinder their pursuit of fulfilling careers and limit their potential for success.

It is crucial to address these issues and foster an environment that empowers girls to believe in themselves. By promoting self-acceptance, resilience, and a growth mindset, we can help girls develop the confidence they need to thrive and reach their full potential.

Click on the link below for the first-ever, large-scale national 2023 survey designed to develop a deeper understanding of the thoughts, experiences, behaviors and attitudes of teen girls throughout the U.S:

The 2023 Girls’ Index Executive Overview


The 2023 Girls’ Index™

Bedime StoriesBenefits of Reading Bedtime Stories!

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Sleeping child

Sleep and My Child

Most guidelines recommend that children between 3 to 5 years of age should sleep between 10 to 13 hours over a 24 hour period (which may or may not include a nap during the day). 

 Click here to learn more about healthy sleep habits for preschool-aged children.

Managing Separation Anxiety

Here is a quick reference article to help families deal with separation anxiety. Please remember each child is unique and all children approach scenarios in their own way. One child might cry for the first 3 weeks at drop off and another might march in day one with no tears! This is all normal and we have MANY years of experience helping children transition to school.


How to Manage First Day Separation Anxiety






Simple Sensory Bins

Follow this link to learn more about how to create DIY, easy and inexpensive sensory bins!




Occupational Therapy Hacks!

Our district occupational therapists publish a quarterly newsletters follow the link above to hear what they have to share about ways to support your children outside of school!


Shoe Tying...How to!

Here is a brief step-by-step of how to help your child learn to tie laced shoes. This teaches the "bunny ears" method of shoe tying. One important factor is to have different colored laces to help the child visually see the laces as they are manipulating them!